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Our challenge as a product team was, how can we increase users’ daily retention on Orange App and make them motivated to the day-to-day services related to the app. Hence more engagement and retention leads to more recharge, more tariff renewals, etc...
Goals of the project
  • clear all frustrations that happens while a citizen trying to do a service online and create a momentum which change the idea of digital service.
  • To build a base-line (Environment) that could help us scale-up and iterate later on and improve citizen journeys
  • Collect all information and online services for the public from different websites and have it in one platform
  • develop a formula to help us figure out how to digitize a service ~ ANY SERVICE
We started by analyzing and benchmarking the existing public service sites, Specially, the Danish, British, New Zealand and Estonian experiences. At that time, the research team had already conducted a research of citizens and the back-end (Business) Process of things and interviewed many of industry experts to generalize the experience. The main idea of the project was: >citizen< at the center of everything. (the user centered approach)

A Joint Efforts

Together with the ministry of telecommunications Authority we set out to develop a plan on how to improve the UI/UX solution of the portal. The tasks included further developing the base design system, as well as language and copywriting, analytical and consultation work (incl. UI/UX design, web analytics, A/B testing, ideation, creating and testing navigation schemes and prototypes).


We’ve conducted a research on different age groups to understand and empathize with other personas that are not Tech-Savvy to kick off from there and design components that everyone can use and understand.

Design Principles we adapted through the creation & Moving forward
“We don’t design for screens. We don’t design for organizations.We don’t design for stakeholders. We design for people.”

Lou Downe

Ex-Design Director of the UK Gov

From our mapping workshops we conducted through the design process

We’ve made so many drafts and we pass it by all stakeholders and run a vote to see which will have low resistance of getting rejected and then we had a winner
Digital ID Auth & Responsive design
Develop our National (Base system) to unify E-Gov Design language across all the digital Products


We’ve launched Digital Egypt New website early in 2022 and the work has been proven its impact, since the release there was more than 800K Successful transactions and We’re still working on enhancing it and adding new services along with the ministry team.

Digital Egypt portal help the government to raise the the bar of the game and improve the its citizens quality of life citizens are now able to applying for documents, registering the birth of a child, starting entrepreneurship, as well as all sorts of e-services by gov institutions.

Our product & UX teams took the digital service to a new era where citizens will not have to type or upload any documents/information. They will be only reviewing their data and with few clicks they saved hours of waiting in lines.

“Impacting +100M citizens’ lives through Product&Design is such a dream that we wake up everyday to make it true!”

Ahmed M. Wahba

Head of design & Strategy @Hydrastudioz

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