Leading by example, as a creative/innovative leader

By Ahmed Wahba

November 20, 2022

Our very own Ahmed Wahba &Muhamed Hekal, HydraStudioz founders, shared the stage in one of the most influential and point turning events in the CIT sector, the Govstack initiative realization in Egypt.

GovStack is an initiative created by the German government and realized by GIZ, GovStack has only been implemented in Estonia, India, and Singapore. Egypt is taking place as the fourth country to realize and implement GovStack to its digital services that will offer convenient smart solutions to the citizen experience.

HydraStudioz participation was a representation to the approach that we innovated for how the Egyptian government will offer services to the citizens using Govstack technologies.

Ahmed Wahba led the conversion with presenting our approach, design principles, and design strategy.

Ahmed had explained the approach of a super app that we are implementing for the project and how it’s built according to the UX Lab that we set and the user interviews that we ran in effort to co-design with our citizens and the segments that will use it. As our Design Strategy Director Wahba presented,

Our super app is built on a life time event basis, where it targets the citizens needs based on the life journey they share with the government, to allow Cognitivity, Pro-activity, and Personalization,

The super app is also persona based, allowing us to provide better services to every group that shares the same characteristics,

Ahmed also added that the super app is integrated with the private sector services to add luxury and convenience to the Government services, and creating a new generation of said services.

Ahmed had also explained the design strategy of the super app, beside it being very personalized based on the user data, persona, and the life time events that the user is currently going through. The app also has an application center, where users will be able to find mini apps that is accessible through the super app, and each of those mini apps has a different UX approach that fits the persona this app targets.

With stating the strategy Hydratudioz set for the super app, our Head of Product Muhamed Hekal took the stage to share with the crowd the features and User Interface the super app will offer to its users, Hekal has shared many features the super app is bringing to life, and we will share with you some of the hot takeaways from what he shared

  • Digital Vault, Which is a very secured government documents preserver where citizens can extract any  government document sealed and signed by the government entity of issuing, citizens will also be able to share these documents with any entity through the app without any physical process involved
  • Smart Sections/Recommendations, Implementing the philosophy of “Next Best Actions” through the app to provide better experience of personalization, So if I have a new born, the app will recommend me a set of services that will allow me to complete everything related to this event, such as baby registration, scheduling vaccinations, etc etc..
  • Application Center, A place where users can browse all of the categories of mini apps, find their desired app conveniently, and make a favourite list with the apps they use on daily basis
  • Smart Assistant/ NLP, AKA “Masry”,  As one of the results of the UX lab that we conducted is that we had a realization that it doesn’t make sense that the only way that citizen requests a service is through filling a form and submit it, so we decided that we should have a smart assistant that allows citizens to just give it commands, whether it’s written or voice commands, and the assistant will do the service for you and only request your confirmation.

Hekal gave the stage away to Samah Al-Naggar, Citizen Journey manager at MCIT, Whom shared an actual example of how the super app helps a certain persona like “Moms/ Divorced Women”, Al-Naggar has also explained the government effort to change the its approach towards a new digital government with consideration of the citizens quality of life.

We design the future with fresh perspective, Our passion is to solve problems that’s bigger than us, and make impact by design With the event coming to an end our CEO and Design Strategy Direct Ahmed Wahba left this note to the press that represents all of us at HydraStudioz.

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