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We're a service design
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We're a service design agency focused on designing strategies and adapting them to move markets.

We are research obsessed, and we take the word from the users themselves.

We show our clients how their users are using their product and how to improve it for more growth.

Hydrastudioz was founded in 2019 by Ahmed Wahba and Muhamed Hekal. The company was built around design and strategy, with a young, fresh approach moving to software development.

We work with governments, enterprises, and startups to change the world by designing and making an impact on people's lives.

We have built products that are being used by millions of users around the globe. We work with governments, enterprises, and startups to change the world by design.

Our approach is to generate ideas from young people, The world is changing, and we need to adapt to it. Most of the successful products built for the government was built by GenZ designers at HydraStudioz Labs! Wanna see yourself? Let's get in touch!


Our values define who we are since day one, they embody our passion and love for what we do.

Act with Honesty

One of the ingredients of creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients and our team members is honesty, and it’s one way to make a genuine connection that delivers remarkable and memorable experiences.

Be Transparent

Architecting solutions that help nations leap into the future requires a transparent process that enables these ideas of solutions to become utilities that people use on a daily basis.

Think Big

Being a leading tech company requires us to have unrivaled vision, innovation, and execution. We constantly push ourselves to reach new limits; we arrive to work every day motivated and inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion, and hard work.

“Transparency is not the same as looking straight through a building: It's not just a physical idea; it's also an intellectual one.”

Helmut Jahn

Our Experts

Ahmed M. Wahba
Ahmed M. Wahba
CEO & Senior Design strategist
Muhamed Hekal
Muhamed Hekal
CO-Founder | PMO @Hydrastudioz
Safya Mostafa
Safya Mostafa
Product manager@Hydrastudioz
Nada Habeb
Nada Habeb
Product Designer@Hydrastudioz
Mahmoud Tarek
Mahmoud Tarek
Product Designer@Hydrastudioz